Experiences with “Tandem & Coworking” in La Orotava

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The cowork space "Tandem & Coworking" in La Orotava offers some special features. Let me share my experience.

Coworking spaces are in vogue. More and more of these shared offices are springing up – especially in the big cities. There are comparatively many coworking spaces in the Canary Islands, and a few of them have also opened their doors in smaller towns. One of them is “Tandem & Coworking” in La Orotava near Puerto de la Cruz on Tenerife. I spent a few days there and am happy to share my experience.

The building and the offices

I can start right away with a highlight: The building is a really beautiful traditional Canarian house. The style of the original house stands out everywhere: beautiful floors, great architecture and the individual style create a positive working atmosphere and promote creativity. Accordingly, the room layout is original and impractical, but this should not be a disadvantage. After all, the individual workstations are cleverly distributed among the various rooms and the spacious corridor. A seat in the light-flooded corridor has the advantage of being able to sit directly by the window and look out over the beautiful landscape of the La Orotava area.

The desks

The desks are practical, the chairs comfortable and functional. The internet connection via WLAN is sufficiently fast, which means that I reached about 200-300 MBit of the advertised 1000 MBit, depending on the reception and load. That is of course enough for video conferencing, larger file transfers and fast surfing.

The location

Well, the location is not perfect. Or rather: the location is a matter of taste. In fact, the “Tandem & Coworking” is a bit remote. La Orotava is a rather small town and the cowork space is even a bit off La Orotava. There are not many bars or cafes nearby. And with public transport you can only get there very badly. So a car is required.

The equipment

In addition to the workstations already described, there is a kitchen where you can get fruit and small snacks as well as water, coffee and – for a small surcharge – other drinks. There is also a conference room where you can meet with business partners (or for a phone call). A printer is also available.

There is an inviting terrace in front of the building. This is where coworkers meet for a chat over coffee or to bond over their lunch break.

Prices and options

Prices are roughly in line with the market and differ depending on which model you choose.

Fixed desk:

If you prefer to come regularly and need a fixed desk where you can leave your documents and utensils, then the “Puesto Fijo” is a good option. The price of 180€ per month includes, among other things: lockable drawer unit, window space with natural light, acceptance of mail and parcels, supplies, cleaning and insurance
6 hours per month conference room (with projector, etc.) and 24/7 access.

Desks with a lot of daylight
Desks with a lot of daylight

There is also a “Premium” version for 220€. This differs from the standard version mainly in that you are allowed to use the conference room for 10 hours per month and can register an official company office at the address of the coworking space.

For 280€ per month, you get your own lockable room that you can use with up to two people. Also a whole office for up to 6 people is bookable for 480€ per month.

Flexible Desk

If you only have a few work materials that you always take with you in the evening and you don’t need a fixed desk, then the “Plan Dinámico” is cheaper. This costs 20€ per day or 75€ per week.

Flexible workplace in a modern atmosphere
Flexible workplace in a modern atmosphere

“Tandem & Coworking” also offers a super flexible option, which I have only rarely seen in this form in cowork spaces: For 35€ you get a 10 hour ticket that you can use flexibly on different days. Super handy if you want to come by more often for just a few hours.

Summary of the pros and cons

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Conclusion: My experience with “Tandem & Coworking

“Tandem & Coworking” impresses with its special ambience. This already starts when you arrive, when you drive through the idyllic landscape of the La Orotava valley and enjoy the great view of the mountains, the sea and Puerto de la Cruz. The office space is convincing for all coworkers who enjoy the style and design of the offices and appreciate the positive working atmosphere that comes with it. One disadvantage is that you really do need a car, and for an after-work beer with colleagues you probably have to plan a quarter of an hour’s drive (plus time to find a parking space) to Puerto de la Cruz.


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